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Never Underestimate Your Fellow Traveler. Not Every Adventurer is Bear Gryllis.

“So I understand you wanted to hear about selling?” WTF? I was standing on the side of a mountain in the Muskwa-Kechika Wilderness, sweating. All around me was dense brush. [...]

Adventure Rule #1: Stay Calm at All Times. Why Wilderness Adventure is a Fine Motif for Life.

Wayne leaned back in his chair, his white mustache and slightly grizzled face expressive. “Camp Rule #2,” he smiled, and I did too because I knew what was coming, “is [...]

What a Month in the Canadian Wilderness Taught Me. Or, You Don’t Know What You Can Do Until You’re Pushed Very, Very Hard.

The sun is beating down hard on the deck railings, the high plains temperatures climbing to close to 100 degrees. A few weeks ago I was doing my best to [...]

“I Can’t Do That.” You’re Right. You Can’t. Especially If You Don’t Even Try.

It’s bad enough that others are in the constant business of informing us- rightly or wrongly- of what we can’t possibly do. Complete that PhD, become a doctor, run a [...]