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It’s Just Snot a Big Deal

Snot is the reason I'm going to Zurich in March. Wait. It's more complicated than that. It's because of snot that I made a really cool friend in Iceland. Her name is Nina, she's really fun, and I've been invited to stay at her house in Switzerland. All because of snot. I'm not making this [...]

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Paddle Dammit

The enormous raft curved over my right shoulder, and tipped me into the raging Nile along with all my boat mates yet again. The seat slammed against my protective helmet for the fifth time that day, causing me to nearly black out. I saw stars, barely able to hold onto my paddle. This time the [...]

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Yoga is for Old Ladies and Warrior Women

Almost everything one reads says the yoga is good for you, and especially those of us in our dotage, great for the bones, for menopause and for the mind. The mind. What? Oh. A number of years ago I had an assistant who was at the time more committed to her yoga than she was [...]

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Hard Headed

We are under a blanket of new snow here in Denver, and it's two degrees outside. Usually this time of year I am already making my way through a tropical jungle, either by canoe or on foot. In January I try to explore some new equatorial country. I was thinking about Columbia for 2017. That [...]

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