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Protect Your Hips

  Melissa tugged on my left leg as I pulled, face screwed up in pain. "Boy are you tight today," she said, referring to my left hip joint. "What have you been doing?" Um, not doing, I might add. Melissa is my uber-talented Thai masseuse. Especially when I'm in training for some epic adventure, or [...]

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Queens of the Mountain

Yesterday the Front Range Outdoor Women's Alliance featured a video of Bolivian Aymara women who decided to climb a frigid, snowy peak. Huge skirts flowing, swinging their ice axes overhead, they made their steady way to the summit, then stood in a happy line and waved to the camera. It a simply lovely piece of [...]

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Take Us Seriously, Please

Last year I sent an email to an outfitter in Arequipa, Peru, inquiring about hiring a guide to do an extended solo horseback trip in Colca Canyon. The outfitter summarily dismissed my inquiry. Not to be deterred, I tried again. I got the same response. Since I know Peruvians, knew enough about the culture and [...]

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Today is a Good Day to Die

In the 1860s, when faced with the reality that their nation was being systematically wiped out through the loss of buffalo, the march of soldiers, alcoholism and the death from white man's diseases, the Sioux Nation divided loosely into two camps. One petitioned the whites at the forts, hoping that through surrender they might survive. [...]

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Never Do As Others Do

This advice was offered on her deathbed by the grandmother to a man whose spiritual advice I admire a great deal. He followed that advice. It cost him dearly. Choosing to live outside the lines, live a different life will do that sometimes. However, that man also left an extraordinary legacy of books, materials and [...]

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What Gets Measured Gets Done

Jackmer shyly reads from his book while Dolly leans closely to listen to his careful enunciation. His writing is tiny, but very neat, in his spiral notebook. The blue boxed paper is covered with Roman Numerals on one sheet, math equations on others. Jackmer smiles up at her for encouragement as he stumbles on a [...]

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The Real Angel of the Amazon

Perhaps it was near the end of the day as we were walking up the long wooden planks back to the Tahuayo Lodge, some twelve hours by river boat out of Iquitos, Peru. Perhaps it was when we were sitting with one of the many kids sponsored by the not for profit Angels of the [...]

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The New High School

Jackson Vela, 26, is that kind of youthful, energetic, handsome teacher that young girls crush on. It’s inevitable. When we walked into his classroom he was gesticulating and engaging his class in a discussion about computer science. Dolly Beaver, the head of Angels of the Amazon and wife of Dr. Paul Beaver, who created the [...]

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The Herbalist

Romelia’s house sits on a corner of the large soccer field that makes up the center of El Chino, a modest village on the Tahuayo River of the Peruvian Amazon, twelve hours out of Iquitos by river bus. There is a small , brightly colored flower bed in the front, protected from the chickens with [...]

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The Gift that Matters Most

What’s the best way to bring a gift to a child of the Amazon? That seems like a simple question, but it’s not. Children everywhere love much of the same things, ranging from toys to attention. However, when visiting isolated villages in faraway places, sometimes we have to take care not to create more problems [...]

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