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Artesan Presentation

Dolly Beaver and I are standing in the middle of a circle of women of the village of El Chino. It’s October 5th, 2016. Dolly ishead of Angels of the Amazon and wife of Dr.Paul Beaver, who built the Tahuayo Lodge, Peru’s first Amazon Adventure Lodge some 12 hours up the river from Iquitos. Angels [...]

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Silence in the Wild

My bible, Outside Magazine, recently ran a couple of articles addressing the issue of tunes in the outback. Simply, whether we should, or shouldn't, bring music to Mother Nature. The issue naturally brought incendiary responses from both sides of the fence. Those who love to listen and are inspired by their favorite music as they [...]

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Respect the Mountain

Colorado is getting crowded. Back when I first came here in 1971, when I first arrived, our population was 2,034,000. Today we're at 5,658,546 and growing fast. That means that like many other longtime transplants and Colorado residents from the 50s and 60s, it's begun to feel a little cheek by jowl, especially in those [...]

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Watch Me

Dawn splashed the low clouds with scarlet and spread across the horizon. It's around 38 degrees at six in the morning, here up at 6400 feet in Red Rocks canyon near Denver. Even at this early hour, there are plenty of us running or hiking the stairs, greeting the day, variously huffing and puffing in [...]

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Living Up to Expectations

Last fall my longtime mentor and friend Meg Hansson passed away at 93, swiftly and surprisingly, while I was away overseas. Not long afterwards, right around Thanksgiving, I reported here that I woke up with a start in the wee hours to her "presence" in my bedroom. Not a ghost. More of an imperative. Get [...]

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Old World Quality

The boxes sat on my garage floor, daring me to try to open them. Four of them, all marked with Turkish shipping labels. The beautiful, expensive ceramics that I had hand picked in Cappadocia back in March had finally arrived. However, the packaging. Wow. The boxes were so cleverly packed that I was stumped as [...]

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I Want Your Body

The young Asian woman shyly reached out and grasped my triceps. "How do you get these?" she inquired. I get that a lot. Even men walk up and ask about my 64-year-old guns. "Years and years of hard work, and careful dieting," I said, honestly. Her face fell. "Here's the thing. The simple truth is [...]

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Why We Climb Kilimanjaro

Aurelie walked back into the campsite, silent, her face slightly puffy. She disappeared into her tent. I didn't see her again until dinner. August, our senior guide, followed quietly, and busied himself managing the camp. It was day three of our Kilimanjaro trip. Aurelie was accompanying me on my trip up the mountain, on the [...]

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Heading into the Future removed." Ellie turned the oxygen valve to represent an equivalent of riding a bike the top of one of Colorado's storied fourteeners, and I pedaled hard, up out of my seat. My gas mask gripped my face like one of those nasty creatures from the 1980s Alien movies. I forced myself to breathe through [...]

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Be Here Now

Ask anyone who climbs mountains regularly and they will tell you that when you are descending, you've got two very distinct choices: Stop and look at the scenery, take photos, OR Watch where you're putting your feet. If you plan to making it to the bottom without injury you really can't do both. This lesson [...]

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