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Running Into Our Later Years

Morning dawned lovely over Lakewood today, a brilliant orange sun. I had been awake since 3 am, but the body demanded a nap on the couch with the sliding glass door open to let in the early dawn breezes. By the time six am rolled around I was itching to get outside before things warmed [...]

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Sloshed in Cinque Terre

The other night night I was having dinner at my friend Jill's house in Spokane, Washington, my last in town before heading back to Denver with a car full of furniture and clay sculptures to further decorate my ever-changing house. At the table that evening was her very bright daughter Krisha, one of my favorite [...]

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What’s Mom Up To?

This week I'm writing a business plan. Lots of us don't bother, especially busy entrepreneurs. My dear friend Jill Smith, who has started and run a number of highly successful businesses over the course of her starry career, fired me a copy of an old template which one only has to fill in. It's pretty [...]

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A Real Mother’s Day Gift

Beth Conway, Director of Communications for Women's Voices for the Earth, just got back from taking her Mom to Patagonia. Way to go, Beth. Now to be fair, Beth has the chops. As an adventure traveler herself, and someone who has trotted the globe for ten years working in the adventure and sustainable travel industry, [...]

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I’m Not Comfortable

It's just shy of 7:30 here in Lakewood, Colorado, and it's raining. Given the wind chill from the fourteen mile an hour winds, it feels like about 31 degrees outside. I'm about to head out to Red Rocks Amphiteater to hike the stairs for an hour. I'm not going to be "comfortable." That's the whole [...]

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