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On Taxi Scams and New Cities

Arriving in any new country and finding a ride can be a crap shoot. I wish I had a nickel for every time I've been taken for a ride by a taxi driver after landing in a new country. Even when landing in familiar ones, I've forgotten to book the taxi inside the airport lobby. [...]

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On Kokatat Dry Suit Design…

Katja was giving our small group instructions on how to don a dry suit in the gear-jammed room of Wildlife Svalbard Adventures. I slipped into the ladies room (you never pee enough times before you zip yourself up for the next three hours) and then shoved my head through the tight neoprene of my bright [...]

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Puppy Pile

Villmarksenter is a smelly place. When you mix 48 dogs and an unknown number of breeding eider ducks (and duck poop is really, really nasty) it can get right ripe. However, it's summer, the ducks are in nesting mode, and the ladies are underfoot everywhere under every single floorboard. They are so well-camouflaged that it's [...]

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At the Edge of the World

Longyearbyen is not a pretty town. This tiny, near-Artic outpost, tucked as it is in the inner belly of the Svalsbard Islands very close to the North Pole (and home to some sixty percent of the world's polar bears) is remarkably unattractive.  That, however, doesn't keep tourists from pouring in at all hours of the [...]

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Attack Dog

In nearly every country I visit, I end up meeting an ill-tempered animal. Whether it's age, lack of socialization or it's a stray that's been brutalized by strangers, I invariably come face to face with animal that bites first, calms down later, if at all. At the Hotel Jorgensen, the owner Lars has a rather [...]

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A City in Motion

I stood in the bike path to take a quick photo of the large white bike painted in the asphalt. Only seconds. However. It was almost long enough to get myself killed in this city of cyclists. Seconds later a man, his wife and their young child shouted at me in Danish to move out [...]

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Where Will You Go Today?

A woman sits on a train, the rain-spotted windows flash against a dark sky. Buds pressed into her ears. She stares out into the mysterious night. The announcer intones: "What this woman is listening to is taking her to a place that this train never could. That is the power of a great performance." Honestly, [...]

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Shaming a Shamer

A few minutes ago I walked in from running about 2400 steps at Red Rocks Amphitheatre here in Colorado. I wasn't alone. Lots of folks do that every day. Old folks, young folks, men, women, people with pets. And fat folks. Today as I was heading down the northern steps I watched a woman whose [...]

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