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Here at Last

When I began this last journey to Central Asia, one that would last some five weeks, planning involved extensive picking and choosing of specialized gear for seventeen days in Kazakhstan by horse, then another ten in Mongolia by camel. I had allowed some days in both countries for rest, just in case the jet lag [...]

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Why I Do Adventure Travel

Jens-Pavia, my guide, ran to meet us from across the top of the ridge from the north. In the half light of nine pm Greenland time, I could barely make him out. It could also have been that by that time, I'd been up for 22 hours, hiking for more than eight hours over extremely [...]

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The View From Below

This was my view today for five hours. At 7 am the Copenhagen Airport is a madhouse. I was heading to Greenland to kayak.  Then didn't. Air Greenland spat back my request for a baggage tag, and informed me that I didn't have a reservation. Neither my passport nor my locator number worked. I had [...]

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