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Bagging Peaks and Bragging Rights

Another climber, the ninth so far this year, the fifth in just the last six weeks, has died on Capitol Peak. This notoriously challenging mountain near Aspen, Colorado has gained a reputation for being very difficult, which, as was being discussed on line this morning on Front Range Outdoor Women's Alliance, may create another kind [...]

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Alaska Airlines Part II

This morning I got an email from Alaska Airlines, which was intended to mollify me for my anger at being treated so badly during a recent botched so-called First Class flight. I had (and still have) a broken back, the airline did an exceptionally poor job with my care, given that my treating doctor required [...]

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Where We Belong

There is a growing online community called Outdoor Women's Alliance on Facebook, which has a presence in a number of areas including, of course, the Front Range of Colorado where I live. OWA is a place where women (ostensibly of all ages but mostly in their twenties and thirties) interact, connect, and support each other [...]

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Just A Few Words

"Selfie! Selfie!" Despite the fact that we were both on horseback, the ranger insisted. I trotted up next to him in the light rain, leaned in and snapped this shot just before his horse leapt forward, ready to lead us down the steep hill. "Selfie" is one of the few English words this Kazakhstan ranger [...]

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What Constitutes First Class Any More?

Last night I had the chance to find out how far American airlines (not THE American Airlines, but airlines in general) have fallen in terms of how we define "first class travel." On August 3rd, I suffered a broken back courtesy of a fractious horse in Kazakhstan. After spending five days in a BYO hospital [...]

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I Want My Thin Mint

On a recent trip to Greenland I was in the company of a nurse who regaled me with stories of patients who regularly complained bitterly about not getting a chocolate at night before they went to sleep. This nurse and I amused each other with stories about health care all over the world. Not long [...]

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A Land Lost in Time

Expect the best and plan for the worst. For the past nine months I've been planning and anticipating a three-week horse riding adventure in the high country of Kazakhstan, a country that most Westerners haven't explored much. It's still a horse culture, with herds running free in the country and gaggles of yearlings horseassing around [...]

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Behind An Ancient Curtain

  Two days ago I returned from a somewhat aborted trip in Kazakhstan. While I'm glad to be home, and away from the needles and pokes and hospital beds that have marked the last few days as a result of the annoying horse that decided I wasn't a welcome rider (that's the second time this [...]

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