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Heading Into Serious Trouble

  You could blame it on the fact that most kids don't grow up with woods in their back yards these days like I did. On our small farm in Florida, a good percentage of our acreage was forestland, complete with a swamp that had its own gator. In the sixties, as with many of [...]

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There But for the Grace of……

The van was pulled up to the curb at the entrance to the Littleton health complex in Colorado. As I came through the entrance and started towards the parking lot, I could see a young woman struggling a bit with her wheelchair. As I approached, I realized she was steadying the wheelchair for her mother, [...]

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A Horse is Not a Barcalounger

Two women are sitting on their horses, in an open field. Gorgeous mountains in the back. Looks like Colorado. Where I ride, in addition to all over the world. Both women are completely engrossed in their phones. Trying to post Instagram shots, according to this national Verizon Wireless ad. Neither is wearing a safety helmet. [...]

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