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Climbing Kilimanjaro: What’s Really Involved?

This past Thursday I had a coffee meeting with a woman who arranges all kinds of travel for all kinds of people. Deb asked me about Kilimanjaro, which I had trained for and summitted back in 2013. She said quite rightly that "lots of women- and men- say I couldn't possibly do that." Well, they're [...]

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“I’ve Been Doing This for 45 Years”

It fell out of my mouth before I could stop it. "Crap," I thought, embarrassed. "I sound like my father." The young woman grinned at me and I thanked her. Watched her walk away. She had just complimented me on how hard I worked out, the shape I was in. She's maybe half my age. [...]

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The Walking Wounded

  A few weeks ago on the Facebook page Outdoor Women's Alliance a woman was moaning openly about having trashed her ACL, and she needed help walking her dog. Two things happened: offers poured in, and so did supportive advice from a great many other skiers/boarders/athletes who have had similar injuries. Not long after that [...]

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Winning (and Losing) Customers at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

The expansive booth was replete with samples of every kind of glove and mitt displayed on the wall. Neatly set up, the gloves looked almost like a museum display. I couldn’t wait to get a closer look. A young man (we’ll call him Dan) blocked me at the entrance and asked if he could help. [...]

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