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Crashing in Kazakhstan

One moment I was enjoying a rollicking gallop on my Kazakhstan gelding, chasing the group that was running at full speed up ahead. My horse was a pacer and had no taste for an all -out run. The next I was doing my second tuck and roll of the day, having been unceremoniously launched past [...]

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Go Alone: A Woman Overseas

The author on the Everest Base Camp Hike, Nepal, at 61 OH my god that’s so dangerous. Aren’t you SCARED? I couldn’t possibly do that. Why don’t you go in a group? That’s so much SAFER. In 1983, I threw a backpack over my shoulders- it was WAY too heavy- and headed to New Zealand, Australia [...]

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

“UM, Neddy, I have to pee.” “You’ll have to wait. We’re at least an hour from the Lodge.” “I have to pee NOW.” “You have to hold it. It’s going to be an hour before we’re back.” “Neddy, you don’t understand. I have a urinary track infection. I gotta pee NOW. As in RIGHT NOW.” [...]

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“My Life is Over”: Injuries in Badass Women

The post on Facebook was a wail. The young woman was crushed: a recent bad breakup, and she had badly cranked herself heading at speed down a Colorado mountain. Her knee was trashed. According to her, her life was over. Forever. Right. Um, no. About ten women chimed in- all of us athletes, varying ages. [...]

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Anti-Aging Secrets: The Real Fountain of Youth

The older couple ahead of me on the stairs made their careful way up, step by confident step. There were in their seventies, and lightly bundled for the slight March chill brought on by the winds. I paused and spoke with them as we neared the top of 200 steps. I was on my tenth [...]

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Burn the Script

I held a remarkable African necklace in my hand when she walked up and asked if she could help me. The necklace, made of twine and feathers, spoke to me. This is the kind of thing I can't cram into a backpack or bag when I come home from my international travels. I'd prefer to [...]

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