If sixty is the new thirty, Julia Hubbel personifies that notion.

That’s the age at which she summited Kilimanjaro. The next year she went on to complete the Inca Trail and the Everest Base Camp climb in Nepal. Since then, Julia has been all over the world, riding, kayaking, climbing, hiking, skydiving, paragliding, and exploring new cultures.

To her readers’ delight, she finds the greatest laughter in her pratfalls. Poetry in time’s passage. While recognizing the inevitable limitations she faces, she expands on how a commitment to fitness, a healthy diet and a wicked sense of humor combine to make a rich and enviable life.

Julia is a prize-winning author, prize winning journalist and international professional speaker. She is a travel blogger and consultant to travel operators. Julia’s corporate experience as a director of training in Fortune 500 corporations, a federal lobbyist and a long time consultant to the Fortune 100 in supply chain gives her a solid understanding of a broad range of challenges companies face from bringing in and training talent to selecting and developing good suppliers.

A fitness enthusiast for most of her life, Julia beat the battle of the bulge at the age of 31, dropping some 90+ pounds forever. Since then she’s made exercise and healthy eating a way of life. A serious athlete, she blogs and speaks on breaking past limitations.

Her clients range from Brazilian Amazon Forest operators to Tanzanian Safari providers. She is in the unique position of understanding the adventure travel trade as a consumer, a writer/blogger, a corporate business person and a Baby Boomer customer. She is known for her deep commitment to adding value to her customers’ bottom line.