What Gets Measured Gets Done

Jackmer shyly reads from his book while Dolly leans closely to listen to his careful enunciation. His writing is tiny, but very neat, in his spiral notebook. The blue boxed paper is covered with Roman Numerals on one sheet, math [...]

The Real Angel of the Amazon

Perhaps it was near the end of the day as we were walking up the long wooden planks back to the Tahuayo Lodge, some twelve hours by river boat out of Iquitos, Peru. Perhaps it was when we were sitting [...]

The New High School

Jackson Vela, 26, is that kind of youthful, energetic, handsome teacher that young girls crush on. It’s inevitable. When we walked into his classroom he was gesticulating and engaging his class in a discussion about computer science. Dolly Beaver, the [...]

The Herbalist

Romelia’s house sits on a corner of the large soccer field that makes up the center of El Chino, a modest village on the Tahuayo River of the Peruvian Amazon, twelve hours out of Iquitos by river bus. There is [...]

The Gift that Matters Most

What’s the best way to bring a gift to a child of the Amazon? That seems like a simple question, but it’s not. Children everywhere love much of the same things, ranging from toys to attention. However, when visiting isolated [...]

The Cost of Illiteracy and Alcohol

A tiny enclosed home sits off the sidewalk that borders the large central soccer field that is the main feature of El Chino, one of a number of small river towns on the Tahuayo River, about twelve hours by river [...]

The Cost of Carelessness

The local shamans of the forest are dying out. Most are in their sixties, as is Adolfo of El Chino, a small village of some 200 people on the Tahuayo River in the Peruvian Amazon. Adolfo, and Pasquala, the ancient [...]

The Artisan Center

As you putter towards Iquitos on the TahuayoRiver,just a few minutes from the lodge of same name, the water is glassy and smooth. Dark clouds loom overhead, the temperature is low for this time of year. The waters are beginning [...]

Norma Torres Rojas

Norma Rojas loves to work. It’s in her DNA. Her deep brown skin and high cheekbones declare her strong heritage. She is quick to smile broadly, her back is straight and strong. She’s never known anything but work. Yet once [...]

Life’s Realities

Robert sprinted down the path in the waning afternoon light frantically searching for Dolly. I could see him over Ruth’s head as she and Dolly were reading her school books. The young man looked desperate. Finally he spotted us, and [...]

Faith vs. Facts

The family was desperate. Papa was dying, they said. What had begun as a small cyst in in his left lower back had grown until it now affected his belly. It had been there for six months. Treatment after treatment [...]

Estelita Loayza Ijuma

Estelita’s warm brown skin shines in the warmth of the Amazonian day, although we are cooled by the breezes that waft through the huge Artesan Center that she and the artisan members helped build. Her round face and bright eyes [...]

El Chino

The small village of El Chino, located deep in the Amazon on the Tahuayo River, was once a place of good hunting and fishing, some twelve hours by river bus out of Iquitos, Peru. El Chino enjoys several different histories. [...]

Clinical Realities

I held my filthy hands out over the railings, the dirt smeared with fragrant purple hand soap. The nurse, Cristiana, poured precious clean water from a bottle taken from the maternity/birthing room over my hands, and the dirt flowed away. [...]

Buena Vista

Just downriver from the small town of El Chino is Buena Vista, a nearly deserted town of just seven families. Once one of a number of thriving and economically successful villages on this part of the Amazon, the increased dangerous [...]

Artesan Presentation

Dolly Beaver and I are standing in the middle of a circle of women of the village of El Chino. It’s October 5th, 2016. Dolly ishead of Angels of the Amazon and wife of Dr.Paul Beaver, who built the Tahuayo [...]