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Winning (and Losing) Customers at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

The expansive booth was replete with samples of every kind of glove and mitt displayed on the wall. Neatly set up, the gloves looked almost like a museum display. I couldn’t wait to get a closer look. A young man (we’ll call him Dan) blocked me at the entrance and asked if he could help. [...]

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It’s January and Back to the Gym!

Nothing sends gym regulars scampering to find a new time to hit the iron than the annual influx of "This year I'm gonna..." newbies. Normally I love that late afternoon sweet spot of 3:30 to 5 pm, right before the after work crowd lands but after I've got my day's work largely done. Since I [...]

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Your Best You in 2018: What it Takes

This weekend marks a moment of both excess and reflection. The celebration of a year's end, and the beginning of something new. It's our human habit to hope for better. What makes each of us different is our willingness to put in the work to make wishes come about. Prayer, for some, is enough. However, [...]

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Why We Really Fail at Fitness Resolutions

  Let's face it. Most of us are genuinely sincere about our New Year's commitments. We truly do want to lose weight or get more fit or eat better. Really. We do. Our heartfelt wish to be in better condition has built a $26 billion health club business. Sixty billion on weight loss supplements, products [...]

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I Just Don’t Feel Like It

  Sometimes it doesn't matter at all what you explain. The facts may add up, but they aren't compelling. Sometimes folks just don't want to do the work. Boy can I relate. In my late twenties, I became obese. I happily piled on pounds during my travels in New Zealand and Australia in the early [...]

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Life Finds a Way

Bill stood next to me at the snack table, which was laden with Christmas goodies that would stop a heart at a hundred feet. Someone had kindly provided hummus with crudites, which was what I was eating to avoid the chocolate cheesecake. It's not easy to behave well at Christmas parties. At 6'1 and around [...]

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What Do You Have in the Bank?

As a rule Americans don't save. We spend. More than half of us (56% according to Forbes magazine) have less than $1000 between their checking and savings accounts, and would be hard-pressed to cover a significant expense. This of course means that we as a nation are forever teetering on the edge of disaster. The [...]

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Don’t Like It? Lump It

That's effectively what the editors of Outside Magazine said to disgruntled readers who responded negatively and rudely to a recent survey questioning its readers about sexual harassment in the outdoors. It's real. And as a subscriber to Outdoors for years, it's happened to me. It affects my ability to camp, hike, adventure safely. Many of [...]

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Merry Christmas! Got Cremation?

The letter arrived in a cream-colored envelope on Black Friday. Just as we were slipping into the insanity of Silly Season. I ripped it open. The Neptune Society was reminding me, kindly but firmly, that I am going to die. But oh, by the way, ACT NOW for cheaper pricing, for better deals, just in [...]

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Epic Women

On Facebook just after Thanksgiving I watched a video that Oregon Research sponsored called "Where the Wild Things Are." The film features a few young guys hanging in a bar, complaining about the weather. "Where are all the ladies?" One of the guys asks. For the rest of the video, we find out. They are [...]

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