Faith vs. Facts

The family was desperate. Papa was dying, they said. What had begun as a small cyst in in his left lower back had grown until it now affected his belly. It had been there for six months. Treatment after treatment from one shaman after another had not helped. He was in terrible pain. The infection [...]

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Estelita Loayza Ijuma

Estelita’s warm brown skin shines in the warmth of the Amazonian day, although we are cooled by the breezes that waft through the huge Artesan Center that she and the artisan members helped build. Her round face and bright eyes are framed by short, spiky hair. At times her expressive face quiets. Her eyes redden [...]

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El Chino

The small village of El Chino, located deep in the Amazon on the Tahuayo River, was once a place of good hunting and fishing, some twelve hours by river bus out of Iquitos, Peru. El Chino enjoys several different histories. One version is that about 130 years ago, a man with Asian features (common to [...]

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Clinical Realities

I held my filthy hands out over the railings, the dirt smeared with fragrant purple hand soap. The nurse, Cristiana, poured precious clean water from a bottle taken from the maternity/birthing room over my hands, and the dirt flowed away. I thanked her and returned to the waiting room, where a cranky but beautiful red [...]

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Buena Vista

Just downriver from the small town of El Chino is Buena Vista, a nearly deserted town of just seven families. Once one of a number of thriving and economically successful villages on this part of the Amazon, the increased dangerous high floods of recent years have resulted in a number of families’ moving away. The [...]

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Artesan Presentation

Dolly Beaver and I are standing in the middle of a circle of women of the village of El Chino. It’s October 5th, 2016. Dolly ishead of Angels of the Amazon and wife of Dr.Paul Beaver, who built the Tahuayo Lodge, Peru’s first Amazon Adventure Lodge some 12 hours up the river from Iquitos. Angels [...]

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