Never Underestimate Your Fellow Traveler. Not Every Adventurer is Bear Gryllis.

“So I understand you wanted to hear about selling?” WTF? I was standing on the side of a mountain in the Muskwa-Kechika Wilderness, sweating. All around me was dense brush. My horse Leon had blown up — he was anxious that the rest of the pack string had disappeared into the heavy forest up ahead. He’d had [...]

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Adventure Rule #1: Stay Calm at All Times. Why Wilderness Adventure is a Fine Motif for Life.

Wayne leaned back in his chair, his white mustache and slightly grizzled face expressive. “Camp Rule #2,” he smiled, and I did too because I knew what was coming, “is that nobody touches the red cup.” The Red Cup was Wayne’s coffee cup, badly stained from years of use. Lotta history in that cup. The [...]

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What a Month in the Canadian Wilderness Taught Me. Or, You Don’t Know What You Can Do Until You’re Pushed Very, Very Hard.

The sun is beating down hard on the deck railings, the high plains temperatures climbing to close to 100 degrees. A few weeks ago I was doing my best to whip my shock-corded Nemo tent poles together at 4 am, the metal so cold it nearly blistered my hands. It was our highest camp, and [...]

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“I Can’t Do That.” You’re Right. You Can’t. Especially If You Don’t Even Try.

It’s bad enough that others are in the constant business of informing us- rightly or wrongly- of what we can’t possibly do. Complete that PhD, become a doctor, run a marathon, climb a tough mountain. It’s much worse when we have decided that we can’t, often without any real justification, proof or reason. Now, look, [...]

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Unstoppable Older Women

This past Tuesday I got home from nearly a month in Africa. Along the way, I climbed a killer peak, then spent a week in Madagascar riding horses each day, then enjoying pristine beaches in a very remote village community. No amenities, including no running water, no electricity, no devices. Heaven, man. After I got [...]

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I’m Going to do What Any Reasonable 65-YO Woman Should Do — Set a BHAG

The inquiry was reasonable enough. Ben (Jennings, CEO of E-Trip Africa) wrote me if I’d ever thought about Kenya, and more specifically climbing Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro’s little sister. Just over 17,000 feet high, she’s two thousand feet lower than her far more famous and heavily-trodden sister just over the border in Tanzania. No, I hadn’t. [...]

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A Journey by Camel in Africa: A Tale of Spit, Bad Breath and Camel Kisses

Dominique and his handler 2013 “Camels like to kick, spit and bite,” wrote the safari planner out of Kenya. “You need to be really careful.” Hogwash. If there’s anything I really dislike, it’s when people who don’t spend a lot of time around animals- especially very large ones- dictate to me or anyone else what to [...]

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We Get Old When We Stop Playing

The four Indonesian boys, all small but ranging in age from twelve to fourteen, led us along a tree-lined path. The fenceposts to either side of us as we left the island village were sprouting trees, a testament to the proliferating growth and superb soil of these many islands. You simply cut off a branch, [...]

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Six Tips for Isolating Yourself in Paradise

Choosing where to travel when you have options and a bit of time can be daunting. All too often we fall into default mode, which is Disney World, or Costa Rica (because it’s close) or choices that are easy, or seemingly accessible. The problem with this kind of planning is that everyone else does the [...]

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When You See the Southern Cross for the First Time

The sailing ship swayed in the light surge, the two tall white masts carving circles in the night sky far over my head. I lay on beanbag chairs on the aft deck, awaiting moonrise off one of Indonesia’s magical 18,000 islands. The surrounding waters were bathtub warm, the evening breezes soothing on my lightly sunburned [...]

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