That’s effectively what the editors of Outside Magazine said to disgruntled readers who responded negatively and rudely to a recent survey questioning its readers about sexual harassment in the outdoors.

It’s real. And as a subscriber to Outdoors for years, it’s happened to me. It affects my ability to camp, hike, adventure safely. Many of my female adventure buddies will readily attest that we’d far rather hear the snuffling of a bear moving through our campsite than the sound of a pickup up truck nearby. We don’t have to worry about being raped or assaulted by an elk. Or have our precious dogs-or ourselves- shot by an incompetent hunter. We are exhausted by the condescension and manhandling and creeping into the tents at night. The expectation of sexual favors and the outright abuses by male National Park employees in the Grand Canyon that became a national scandal (

Outside listed some of responses which included:

“The obvious solution is that women should stay in the kitchen.”

“I once had a marmot watch me poop.”

“I was hiking the PCT. I’m a male. On several occasions, one or more female hikers approached me from behind. A few times, they said ‘hello’ as they passed. It made me very uncomfortable.”

The rank stupidity just drips. To Outside‘s credit they posted some of the riper comments and pointed to the Unfollow button. Here’s the exit, boys. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Grow the hell UP.

I’ve run into that Neanderthal solution before from men who can’t stand the notion that there are superb female athletes in the wild doing stunts they can’t possibly imagine achieving. What poor little egos. Rather than encouraging their own daughters to look up to those role models, they’d rather get those extraordinary women in their cross hairs and eliminate them altogether.

Or better yet, rape them and teach them a lesson. Put them in their places. We’ll by god teach you to be pee on our bushes.

These are the same apes who troll uber-athletic women who set the bar higher each year, scale higher mountains, ski harder lines, send impossible climbs, and demonstrate that you’re goddamned right, we belong OUTSIDE.

These are the same angry, easily threatened men who have attacked my profile for being arrogant because I shared photos of adventures from every corner of the world, the tops of mountains, kayaking wild seas. How DARE I leave the kitchen?

Men complained that Outside used to be a good magazine. Because it’s now concerned with sexual harassment, it’s left wing.

Really? Honestly? Caring about how women are treated makes people left wing?

These women are our sisters, daughters, mothers, cousins, aunts. Caring about them makes us left wing?

Caring about how people treat women makes us human.

Outside hired more women. And they got a backbone. They recognized that the future of the wild is inclusive. The wilderness is populated with radically talented women athletes. Not just the extreme ones who are on the leading edge, but all the rest of us who are mushing dog teams, kayaking icy waters, hiking the EBC, exploring Central Asia by foot. We’re out there. I’ve been out there for years and so have thousands of women just like me. We’re just tired of putting up with being asked to put out.

If certain guys don’t like it they can lump it. And kudos to Outside Magazine for calling it like it is.

I look forward to the day when the sound of a pickup truck pulling into a camping area is the sound of good, safe company rolling in, rather than the need to pull out a can of mace.

Just in case.