Need a terrific, real life review of your products and services?

Are you tired of lifeless reviews that do nothing for your business?

Do you wish that someone would provide you with a riveting story that makes others want to sign up right away?

If you’re done with reviewers that leave ho-hum comments or say nothing more than “they were great,” let’s talk.

As a prize-winning author and adventure traveler, I take my readers along for the real ride. They’re immersed in the experiences and discoveries and the uber competent guides you provide.

They’re tempted by the unique byways and off the beaten track paths you follow.

Rather than hear about your writer’s personal exploits, they get to imagine what it would be like to be there themselves.

That’s what gets you customers. Details that bring them into the moment.

As a consultant I can advise you if and when I run into issues. Whether your guides need training or guidance. If there are problems that you need to be apprised of which would could cost you dearly later on with a bad review from an angry tourist. As someone who worked for Walt Disney World and was trained by the best, I know something about quality customer service.

But by the same token, I understand what adventure travel should be- safe adventure, great guides, intelligent thrills, and cultural immersions that change lives and perspectives.